Metro.OTDR-F2 front

palm size, low cost, it is
ideal for daily field work

Metro.OTDR-F2 front

Metro.OTDR-F2 front

Metro.OTDR-F2 front


Metro.OTDR-F2 is a good tool for the installation and maintenance of FTTH networks. It is a low cost solution compared with other venders and has main interfaces and accessories required in field OTDR to install, discover faults, measure the performance and create advanced reports. Field engineers can troubleshoot running manual or automated tests. Most of the tests tailored for each type of fibre and users may execute and save curves ready for further analysis. All together will facilitate to identify anomalies in the optical layer.

Features and Benefits

Metro.OTDR-F2 is a high end solution widely used in engineering construction, maintenance test, optical fiber troubleshooting, manufacturing and installation of optical fiber and cables.

  • Extra-short event dead zone
  • Can search and locate the events and faults precisely listing all events in table
  • Powerful file management, direct print
  • Adaptable VFL
  • Communication light check, when measuring a fiber in service


  • FTTH installation
  • GPON installation
  • Optical plant maintenance


  • High dynamic range
  • 256k sampling points
  • Ultra-short dead zone
  • Minimum distance resolution
  • One-button test
  • Up to 4 wavelengths
  • Remote control
  • Direct print
  • Long operation on batteries
  • VFL & Optical Power Meter
  • Universal optic connector
  • Rugged case for heavy use


  • Telecom Operator
  • Optical Carriers
  • FTTx deployment
  • Maintenance test
  • Optical fibre troubleshooting
  • Fibre manufacturing
  • Installation of optical fibre

Ordering Information

AT.OTF2.HHA Metro.OTDR.F2. Albedo Metro.OTDR.F2 palm-OTDR for fiber testing. Including 1310 /1550nm and dynamic range of 28/26dB, VFL module, interfaces FC/UPC, battery operated, power adapter and rugged transport case.
AT.OTF2.Bat Additional Lipo battery
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