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Best AT.2048

AT.2048: ALL you need for E1 testing

ALBEDO Telecom is delighted to present the AT.2048, the ultimate and world's most comprehensive BER analyzer / generator for E1, Datacom, Jitter, Wander, Pulse mask, Frame Relay, VF, and more. The AT.2048 is truly rugged and is ideal for field engineers installing and maintaining E1 and Datacom circuits. Designed with the latest technology in 2011 is light, fast, friendly and comprehensive. Believe or not, it is the envy of our American and Chinese competitors that dream to have one day a similar unit. Ideal for field engineers installing, commissioning and troubleshooting E1 links, ISDN, Voice Services, Synchronization Networks, and Datacom circuits.

The State of the Art on E1 test

Guinness Record: 24hs of continuous operation with batteries with G.703 full analysis and generation

This instrument is fully designed and manufactured in Europe by ALBEDO Telecom, because we love to control the entire process to ensure first-class quality. This tester uses a brand new platform, not as the Smartclass or the Sunlite (both veterans in the battlefield), it is a feature rich professional tester not like some Chinese toys, moreover it has a wide screen and its batteries last for many more hours, compared with the TX130 and others.

Why AT.2048?

Easy to explain. The first thing to consider is that it was designed in 2011 therefore its CPU and electronics is fast and efficient; the second is that it has absolutely all the features to test E1, Datacom and Jitter /Wander; and the third is price. Therefore with this instrument you can enjoy high performance, high precision at the best price.

Case studies

  • (MOBILE OPERATOR) 'we need to synchronize base stations and E1 is the most common technology we have available'
  • (NETWORKING) 'voice circuits based on TDM are still widely used in POTS and ISDN, then we need a brand new E1 tester'
  • (DEFENSE) 'the twenty years old PFA-35 should be replaced asap, what we can't replace are our transmission lines'
  • (AIRCONTROL) 'we need a E1/datacom device with wander to test earth-to-earth voice and data services'
  • (MAINTENANCE) 'a full equipped E1 tester wander and pulse mask, is must for our daily work and do not forget long battery live'
  • (ISDN&POTS) 'Voice Frequency test are necessary to test the quality seamlessly at any point of the network'
  • (DATACOM ENGINEER) 'Why VEEX, and JDSU use costly proprietary cables? Please select a tester using the Cisco standard'


Features & Benefits

The AT-2048 is an excellent tester for network operators, contractors and enterprise users that have to manage fixed and mobile networks that are using E1 and Datacom backhaul circuits.

  • 2012 technology: very fast !!
  • Based on Linux (does not hang-up)
  • Non-stop tester 24h on batteries

  • Double port BNC and RJ45
  • Extra rugged but lightweight
  • Monitor and Pass Through modes
  • Jitter measurement
  • Wander measurement (with all masks)
  • Pulse Mask
  • Cisco Data Cables
  • 2xUSB & RJ45Ports

  • VNC remote control
  • Hand-held 1 kg / 2.2 lb.


Dear Customer,


In 1983 our engineers designed the world first E1 tester with microprocessor. Since them we have designed more that 17 different models of E1 testers, that have sold in more that 70 countries. Thousands of our units are still working with a live expectation higher that 20 years.


The AT-2048 is a very powerful and fully featured tester and we have two good reasons to justify this point, first, because our architects have designed more E1 testers than any one else, and two because it is based on latest technologies available.
Kind Regards,

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(E1+Data+Wander test)


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