Zeus a Power Substation tester

Zeus provides deep insights to design, install, maintain and troubleshoot communication in substation. The unit is able to assure the service of Ethernet/IP, PTP, GbE, IRIG-B, T1/E1, G703 and serial datacom links. It also measures One-way-delay testing assisted by GPS in all interfaces supporting mission critical applications. Zeus can capture live data traffic at wire-speed to analyse GOOSE, SV, MMS and other protocols to decode and save them in PCAP format or calculate latency delay from local or remote substations.

Zeus supports new IEC 61850 protocols such as GOOSE and legacy ones such as IRIG-B.

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IEC-61850 formats & protocols

As result of the standardization process in the Smart Power Grid a critical standard was released the IEC 61850 that defines a set of Ethernet-based protocols to be used by power devices to exchange data , send commands , measure values and get synchronized.

IEC-61850 Substation

This presentation provides an overview of the IEC 61850 standard including substation architectures, synchronization, communication protocols, protection schemes, fault-torerant networks and testing.

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