xGenius: a brand new test&measurement platform

xGenius is an advanced platform to set up transmission and synchronization infrastructures. It is equipped with a pleasant 8' capacitive touch-screen that facilitate use and results interpretation. xGenius has 2 x SFP+, 2 x RJ45, 2 x BNC, RJ48, 4 x SMA and USB ports to keep in a good shape telecom resources because it supports all the features you need to design, install and maintain telecom, power, railway, finance, military and industrial networks using Ethernet/IP, PTP, SyncE and T1/E1. xGenius can emulate PTP master/slave clocks, measure/generate wander, one-way delay or packet delay variation in all interfaces. It has never been so straightforward the use of a tester.

A built-in Rubidium clock allows very accurate measurements in hold-over mode.

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What's up

TradeEvents (2018)

Palm Springs (CA)
May 07-11
Booth 1323

Barcelona (Spain)
EMEA Sales Meeting
May 28 - 29 (2018)
Hotel Villa Olimpica

Singapore (Asia)
Jun 26-28 (2018)
Booth 1A3-02

Panama (Panama)
America Sales Meeting
July 19 - 20 (2018)
Hotel Hilton

Full Power Substation support

xGenius, Ether.Genius & Ether10.Genius have all the features you need to install and maintain power substations including an integrated test set to verify teleprotection mecanisms of power substations using C37.94, Optical/Electrical Ethernet/IP interfaces up to 10 Gbps with standard test as RFC2544 or eSAM, DTE/DCE ports to support serial communication from 50 b/s to 2.048 Mb/s, T1/E1 for voice, One Way Delay in all interfaces and PTP synchronization with power profile.
Power Substation

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