Net.Time GM52 PTP Grandmaster clock

Net.Time GM52 is a double port PTP Grandmaster clock conceived to supply synchronization to a large number of clients distributed across an Ethernet/IP network. Once disciplined this timing appliance delivers highly accurate Frequency, Phase and Time in time-stamped PTP packets to all its clients (up to 2018) distributed accross electrical or optical GbE interfaces.

Net.Time GM52 has alternative in/out signals for timing such as T1, E1, 10MHz, SyncE, 1pps and ToD. This is a carrier-class, fault tolerant, appliance that can operate on batteries and in hold-over with a perfect performance thanks to its atomic Rubidium clock.

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Testing IEEE C37.94 interface

Ether.Genius & Ether10.Genius provide an integrated test set to verify teleprotection mecanisms of power substations using C37.94 by means of nx64kb/s streams generation, BER, G.821 performance, Event detection/insertion, Round Trip Delay, One-way Delay with GPS, Frequency (Hz), dev. (ppm), max dev., Optical Power Meter and Multi/Single mode SFPs that can be integrated in the unit.
Power Utilities

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