Net.Storm WAN Simulator

This appliance is able to simulate any traffic conditions to check how tolerant your installation is to degradations such as packet delay, errors, losses, bandwidth variations, traffic shaping or traffic policing. For example, you can check the performance of PTP protocol in an LTE installation and observe the consequences in terms of MTIE and TDEV when asymmetric delays or packet jitter occurs.
the smallest WAN emulator

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MeTro.69 Protocol Validator

Advanced testing tool that automates the acceptance test of TR-069 protocols implemented in routers and other CPEs. MeTro.69 facilitates the complete validation by means of a Library of Test Cases. It also supports BBF data models such as TR181. A complete set of tools such as FTP, HTTP and STUN servers are also included to set up the testing scenarios.

TR-069 protocol validator

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Full Power Substation support

xGenius, Ether.Genius & Ether10.Genius are equipped with all the features you need to install and maintain power substations: an integrated test set to verify teleprotection using C37.94, Double Port Ethernet/IP up to 10 Gbps, PTP with power profile, RFC2544 and eSAM test suites, co-directional / contra-directional, DTE/DCE ports to support serial communication from 50 b/s to 2.048 Mb/s, T1/E1 for voice, One-Way-Delay in all interfaces.
Power Substation

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