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ALBEDO Ether.Giga is an Ethernet & IP tester equipped with all the features of legacy testers such as BER and RFC2544, plus the new ones like Y.1564, Y.1731, and FCS error insertion in pass mode therefore it is capable to verify the QoS and SLA of new Multiplay services offering field technicians tools to quickly and easily validate and troubleshoot Ethernet services, including multiplay applications such as VoIP, IPTV, VoD, high-performance Computing, Virtualization Services, Data Centers and Storage that require significant levels of bandwidth.

ITU-T Y.1564 e-SAM test

This new methodology for Ethernet executes multiple traffic streams completing the test in two phases:

  • Service Configuration, confirms the end-to-end set-up while quickly checking the Information Rate (IR), Frame Delay Variation (FDV), Frame Loss Ratio (FLR), Frame Loss Ratio at the Service Acceptance Criteria (FLRSAC).
  • Service Performance, transmits all configured traffic streams at the CIR confirming all traffic is able to transverse the network under full load while checking IR, FDV, FLR and availability.

Features and Benefits

  • Y.1564 (e-SAM) FTD, 2-way FDV, FDV, 2-way FTD, FLR, SES, PEU and PEA
  • Y.1731 QoS statistics
  • 2 x SFP + 2 x RJ45 interfaces
  • Symmetrical & Asymmetrical RFC2544 test
  • FCS error insertion in pass-through mode
  • L1/L2/L3/L4 loopback
  • Multistreams for IPTV, VoIP, and Critical Data verification
  • Q-in-Q for demarcation tests
  • MPLS support
  • Scan MAC/IP/VLAN/QinQ
  • Advanced Counts: Up to 8 filters at MAC, IP, TCP/UDP, Arbitrary [mask + offset]
  • Migrable to Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE)


  • QoS and SLA certification
  • Automatic RFC2544, Y1464
  • pdf & csv reports on SD/USB
  • IPTV, VoIP, Data assurance
  • VNC, LAN or wi-fi control
  • Spot sources of degradation
  • s-LEDs all events at a glance
  • Best price - Top featured


  • Installers and Operators
  • Triple Play service providers
  • R&D, Universities, Labs
  • Commission / Maintenance