GPON Doctor 10k7

protocol analyser

Capture and Analyze
in ONE click

QoS assessment in GPON and
XGSPON networks

Real-time IP traffic extraction,
IP Services certification

Topology representation,
Bandwidth allocation,
QoS assessment, Events,
Optical Power Meter

GPON Doctor 10k7

GPONDoctor 10K7 is a powerful GPON and XGSPON protocol analyser that captures both upstream and downstream bit level data, interprets AOM, PLOAM and OMCI level control information, extracts user traffic at the Ethernet layer, measures optical power, detects and reports line faults. This makes it an excellent solution for troubleshooting, certification and interoperability analysis, meeting the needs of operators, installers and manufacturers alike.

The tool is invaluable in ensuring network compliance. It performs interoperability testing and conformance validation, offering the functionality of GPONDoctor 9k7 and GPONDoctor 4k7 in a self-contained unit through its two operating modes: XGS-PON and GPON.

The GPON Doctor 10K7 is the essential self-contained test solution for maintaining optimal network performance. Its portability and interoperability testing capabilities make it the ideal solution for GPON and XGSPON operators during the certification, acceptance, deployment and troubleshooting phases. It also provides valuable conformance and interoperability validation for different ONU and OLT vendors.

Fig 1. GPON Doctor 10k7 is a user friendly appliance for FTTH deployments.

The analysis software interprets the captured data and allows the user to trace all control frames. It estimates the network topology of ONT state machines, established data channels, exchanged configurations, E/R OMCI diagrams, analysis and bandwidth graphs for each ONT, T-CONT and port with high precision and accuracy.

The GPD 10K7 is an exceptionally powerful tool that integrates a powerful hardware capture card with a sophisticated software application. It excels at capturing all upstream and downstream data simultaneously, providing comprehensive insight into PON status, entities and their relationship, as well as monitoring bandwidth allocation, usage, and deviations from established standards. Its capture card is engineered with state-of-the-art optical modules and superior processing power, facilitating the seamless extraction and decoding of Ethernet traffic from GEM ports, inclusive of TV and interactive applications.

Key Features

Real-time capture

The capture hardware is equipped with state-of-the-art optical modules and a high-performance processing module, enabling real-time display of all OAM, PLOAM and OMCI frames. Evaluation rules

The analysis engine applies a set of rules to identify deviations from the ITU-T G.984.x, G.9807.x and G.988 protocols. Evaluates and detects problems in XGSPON or GPON networks, detailing the offending devices and the cause of the failure. Network Topology

GPD 10K7 analyses the captured data to infer the network topology (i.e. ONTs, T-CONTs, GEM/XGEM ports) and port activity in real time.

Fig 2. GPON Doctor infers the state of the FTTH network under analysis.

QoS assessment

The GPD 10K7 can regenerate established services on a PON network, such as multicast video, providing a comprehensive assessment of both the QoS and QoE of services configured over a PON.

OMCI E/R Plots

The analysis engine builds accurate OMCI E/R charts from the captured data. These diagrams also highlight those OMCI entities that present problems such as alarms, errors, misconfigurations, etc.

User traffic extraction

GD10K7 allows user traffic to be extracted from multiple GEM/XGEM ports simultaneously. This extracted traffic can be effectively monitored and analysed by third party tools such as WireShark.

Optical Power Meter

The GDK10K7 displays the optical power received from both the OLT and the ONT(s) in real time. This feature makes it easy to verify the optical setup, ensuring its correctness and optimal performance.

Link Integrity Monitor

The GDK10K7 monitors line errors in both downstream and upstream directions in real time and identifies them using GPON/XGPON error detection mechanisms, including FEC (Forward Error Correction), HEC (Header Error Correction) and BIP (Bit Interleaved Parity). This capability is an essential tool for assessing the quality of the physical link. Early detection of physical layer problems facilitates initial troubleshooting of more complex network problems, thereby ensuring network integrity and reliability. GPON Doctor
Fig 3. GPON Doctor 10k7 in Operation.

GPD 10k7 in operation

GPON & XGSPON analysis

Implementing multi-vendor ONUs significantly reduces CAPEX. Any OLT can communicate with any ONT, regardless of vendor. Addressing the concerns of FTTH networks is critical:

  • Commercial use of different versions of the standard
  • ONUs and OLTs from different vendors may not be accepted
  • OMCI is complex and vendors may misinterpret the standard.
  • The heterogeneity of IP service delivery is also a source of error.

  • FTTH acceptance

    It is crucial to understand the basics of PON networks, as only part of the power arriving at an ONT comes from the splitter. Keeping this attenuation under control is important to avoid failures in challenging conditions.

    Test ensures the compliance

    The process for implementing FTTH, GPON and XGSPON networks uses passive optical components to divide the fibre section and create a tree-like topology. This results in a single origin and N destinations. These standards are outlined by FSAN and detailed in ITU-T G.9807.x/G.984.x/G.988.

    Vendor interoperability

    The protocol test identifies errors in negotiation and transmission between devices caused by non-compliance with the standards. GPONDoctor 10K7 is required to identify interoperability issues in cases of multi-vendor validation.

    IP Services certification

    The GPONDoctor in combination with xGenius, a synthetic traffic generator, ensures the accurate transmission of IP services, including video and data, over the FTTH network. This functionality enables the emulation of IPTV channels, VoD flows and real-time playback of voice streams to analyse QoS and QoE and identify sources of degradation and failures with confidence.

    GPON Doctor
    Fig 4. Analysis GPON Doctor 10k7 (click to enlarge).

    Laboratory & Field use

    Portable and rugged, the GPON Doctor is an ideal companion for field troubleshooting of FTTH issues related to the GPON protocol or IP service delivery. It is also a powerful tool for interoperability testing and conformance validation.